Apollo Nida Slams Report on Charity Appearance Fees, Shares His Side
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Apollo Nida Slams Report on Charity Appearance Fees, Shares His Side

Apollo Nida is not a happy camper today.

Tonight the Real Housewives of Atlanta star will join Todd Tucker for his (second!) bachelor party, but earlier in the day Phaedra Parks’s husband tweeted up a storm in reaction to a recent RadarOnline.com story titled "Still $camming? Legally Troubled Apollo Nida Demands $2K Up Front To Attend Charity Event — Organizer Says, ‘I’m Really Leery.’"

Apollo is facing fraud charges, and the original report claimed that, in the meantime, he was trying to make a quick buck with this charity appearance. Radar talked to Chase DeCarlo of Dio Bambini, a charity for battered women that wanted Apollo and Kandi Burruss to speak at a fund-raising event. Chase said he initially thought Apollo would do the event for free, as Kandi was reportedly willing to, but Apollo wanted $2,000 up front. The organizer said he was leery about giving Apollo a deposit since the event was scheduled to take place after Apollo's court date, and he felt like Apollo was pressuring him for the booking.

Apollo ultimately reached out to the site for a new April 2 story, hoping to set the record straight. In the article, Apollo referenced his contract, which states that if he doesn't show up at the event, the money is refunded. He said the $2,000 fee was to help pay for travel and expenses: “I’m not going to go to a charity event in Chicago for free.” He said he wasn’t even the one communicating with Chase, that was his marketing/booking team, and he was frustrated to be “attacked for doing good things."

Apollo Nida Slams Report on Charity Appearance Fees, Shares His Side
Credit: Phaedra Parks on Instagram    

Earlier in the day, Apollo lashed out at Chase in a series of tweets refuting the original Radar report. "Really???” Apollo wrote. “Tell the TRUTH! Set the record straight before I go to @TMZ and crash your whole 'event'! Where is 501c3?"

He added, "I was trying to be apart of your events and you wanted me to be a headliner, i would have even spoke and delivered a message! ... If I was going to be apart of it i Wanted it to bring positive publicity, not negative, the details you said were not true PERIOD ... Your contract was through my promotions company, and had several clauses to return any fess if I did not show! ... And btw I have a long list of speaking credentials and references from legitimate foundations, Hope this is a learning experience! ... Your cost was not for profit, flight hotel, ground, clothing= GONE! and you wanted me there through 1am next morning thats 2 days!"

Someone wrote to both of them, basically saying to stop arguing on Twitter. Chase agreed, saying he gave Apollo his e-mail. Apollo disagreed, writing, "It's better for people to see then hide, we ready to move forward, he has the contract to make changes/corrections."

The same person tweeted to @TMZ, asking if they were seeing the battle of words between Apollo and the charity event organizer. Apollo wrote, "Its not a battle, they want to communicate publically[sic], so be it, now everyone can see!"

And now everyone can see it — on Twitter and in two different Radar stories. Phew!

What do you think about all of this?

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