Apollo Nida Admits to Dropping $8,000 at a Strip Club, Bashes Fans on Twitter
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Phaedra Parks

Apollo Nida Admits to Dropping $8,000 at a Strip Club, Bashes Fans on Twitter

Things have gone from bad to worse for Apollo Nida, and in light of his recent bank fraud and identity theft charges coupled with his brawl with Kenya Moore’s pal, Brandon DeShazer, we think it’s time for Phaedra Parks’ man to undergo a significant image makeover. Unfortunately, Apollo seems to be doing more damage with everything he says and does these days.

Before the fight with Brandon began, guests at NeNe Leakes’ Pillow Party — namely the men in the group — were chatting about how often they go to the strip club and how much money they drop when they stop by. The general consensus among the men (and women for that matter) was that an occasional visit to the stip club is allowed, even expected. The fellas even had a few chuckles about running into one another at the club every now and then, but when the subject turned to how much cash the men spend to see some ladies shake their goodies, Apollo found himself in hot water.

Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker admitted to spending moderate amounts of money each visit, but Apollo blew them both out of the water declaring that he can spend as much as $8,000 in da club on a given night. Even NeNe questioned his spending, and we all know how she likes to drop loads of money on stuff she doesn’t really need.

NeNe felt that the $8,000 could be better spent on Apollo’s young sons, Ayden and Dylan, and as a proud former stripper herself she was also quick to point out that occasionally men drop extra money for additional services, like sex or oral sex. Apollo insisted the dough was only spent on drinks, but Mrs. Leakes had her doubts.

Phaedra was unusually quiet during this discussion, but Apollo defended himself by saying that he only uses his own money when he goes to the strip club, and that so long as he earned it himself, he should be free to go out and spend it as he pleases.

Just like a kid in a candy store, right?!

But Apollo’s bad behavior didn’t stop there. When one fan called him out on Twitter for what he did to Brandon and insinuated that there must be a piece of the puzzle we are missing, Apollo shot back, “u sound like a real dumb ass.” Still, Phaedra’s hubby insists he was just protecting himself during the showdown, telling another fan, “I want let anyone put their hands on me period Point is it only takes 1 hit to hurt a person & I must go hm to my family.”

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