Apollo Nida to Todd Tucker on Prenups: “Don’t Make the Mistake I Made” (VIDEO)
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Apollo Nida to Todd Tucker on Prenups: “Don’t Make the Mistake I Made” (VIDEO)

When it comes to seeking out marriage advice, Apollo Nida might not be the first person we’d turn to — though we do love him and Phaedra Parks. The couple has admitted to going through their rough patches, as seen on Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, and they recently revealed that they’re in couples therapy. But none of that stopped Todd Tucker from picking his fellow Househusband’s brain on his wedding spin-off this week.

On the June 8 episode of Kandi’s Wedding, Todd met up with buddy Apollo for a quick workout and some typical gym chatter ... about prenups, of course! Phaedra’s man emphasized to Todd that it’s important for him to stay involved in the pre-marriage paperwork, something he failed to do in his own prenuptial agreement.

Apollo explained that argument when he stopped by the Straight From the A offices this week. He says that despite the fact that Kandi is worth upwards of $35 million, she and Todd should be treated like equals going in, due to their independent successful businesses.

“It doesn’t matter what Kandi has at the end of the day,” Apollo details. “Make sure you put your foot down… make sure you voice your opinion, because I went into my relationship not really voicing an opinion.”

By the way Apollo tells it, it sounds like he regrets putting a little too much trust into Phaedra when it came to drawing up the documents.

“I believed that my wife had my best interest at hand… 1) being my wife, and 2) being an attorney,” he recalls. “So I was really nonchalant and I just fell back. So I told him, ‘don’t make the mistake that I made.’”

But before you go off telling everybody that Apollo feels taken advantage of by his reality star wife, he clarifies that he more blames himself for being a passive participant in the important legal matter.

“Not saying that someone was taking advantage of me, but it was a mistake not being proactive and not being hands-on and knowing A through Z,” he says. “You have to know, if you’ve done what I’ve done by not speaking up … you’re going to be blindsided.”

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