Apollo Nida’s Sentence to Be Reduced Because of Tough Childhood? Not So Fast!
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Apollo Nida’s Sentence to Be Reduced Because of Tough Childhood? Not So Fast!

Just before Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison yesterday, July 8, for bank fraud and identity theft, his lawyer attempted to get him a reduced sentence. Despite Apollo and the prosecutors reaching a plea deal back in May, Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. — who sentenced Apollo for his crimes — could have given the reality star anywhere from 92 to 115 months behind bars and ultimately decided to go slightly above 92 months.

According to AccessAtlanta.com Apollo’s lawyer, Thomas Bever, used yesterday’s hearing in attempt to get his client a shorter sentence by blamming his unlawful behavior on an incredibly difficult childhood. In an effort to bolster Apollo’s case, both his half-brother, Michael Derrick, and his mom, Katrina Toohey, were asked to speak on his behalf. Katrina tearfully said she was not a good mother and admitted to being addicted to drugs. When Apollo was growing up she revealed that he saw her get beaten by a boyfriend and later overdose on cocaine. “I sent my children through hell,” she concluded.

As a result of her issues, Katrina said her son was largely raised by friends and family members and didn’t have any real parental figures. Apollo dropped out of high school and got engulfed in the car theft ring that led him to prison the first time around. “He’s not a villain,” Michael explained. “He’s a human being. He has a heart.”

Despite impassioned pleas from multiple family members Judge Pannell didn’t feel that Apollo’s difficult upbringing played a big enough role in his most recent crimes given that he is now 35. Furthermore, Alana Black, the assistant U.S. attorney, told the judge that Apollo was given a golden second chance in 2009 to start his life on the right foot when he married Phaedra Parks.

As you may remember, since everyone made such a big deal of it during Phaedra’s first year on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Apollo was in state prison for six years, from 2003 to 2009, for a RICO charge related to a car theft scheme.

Apollo’s attorney may not have been successful in reducing the father of two’s sentence upfront, but after the hearing the legal expert noted that his client could potentially get out more than a year early for good behavior and then be sent to a halfway house.

Do you think Apollo will spend his entire eight-year sentence of behind bars? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: AccessAtlanta.com

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