Cynthia Bailey Apologizes on Behalf of RHoA Cast For Ugly Fight (VIDEO)
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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey Apologizes on Behalf of RHoA Cast For Ugly Fight (VIDEO)

Cynthia Bailey was a guest on Watch What Happens Live last night, January 26, and she had the misfortune of sitting next to Andy after a particularly brutal and intense episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, during which a good portion of the cast and extended cast got into an all-out brawl are started by Christopher Williams’ need to call out Kenya Moore for her “common law marriage” comment.

Andy gave Cynthia the floor during her time on WWHL and she took the opportunity to say sorry for her cast’s crude behavior.“I want to apologize on behalf of the whole cast tonight, because it was really hard to watch this fight,” Cynthia began. “I’ve been on the show for four years and never in this history of the whole show has anyone on the show actually laid hands on each other and it was really difficult to watch.”

Cynthia continued her disapproval of the fight noting, “I didn’t like it, I didn’t think it was a good look and it’s unfortunate because we were having a really great time up until the fight. It was really a lot of fun.”

Before Andy could even ask Cynthia who, if anyone, she felt was responsible for the argument, Cynthia made her opinion clear.“I really don’t want to get into that, but you can ask me,” she offered up.

With that, Andy would be a fool not to ask, and Cyn somewhat reluctantly gave her answer. “I felt like once — and I don’t want to blame everything on Kenya — but once she actually got up then that made Brandon get up, and once Brandon got up...then people just started getting up.”

Cynthia was also eager to point out that despite how it looked on camera, her man Peter wasn’t a big part of the fight. Instead, Cyn notes, he was instrumental in breaking up the quarrel. “He was trying to keep Brandon down,” she concluded.

For all of Cynthia’s thoughts on last night’s unfortunate fight, check out the full WWHL clip below!