April Baltierra Finds a New Boyfriend! (PHOTO)
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April Baltierra Finds a New Boyfriend! (PHOTO)

Please chop your hair into a mullet and start praying for Butch Baltierra, because this beloved grifter is going through a tough time. Even tougher than that time Tyler Baltierra kicked him out of the house, and had to sleep on a cardboard box. You see, it appears as though Butch's ex-wife, April Baltierra, has officially moved on to the arms of another man with questionable hair. We repeat, April has a new boyfriend who she's named, "sexy grandpa."

April Baltierra Finds a New Boyfriend! (PHOTO)
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"I'm in like with this man …" April posted to Twitter along with a photo of her main squeeze holding some traumatized infant. "Love ummm maybe. #sexygrampa # mybaby."

Sigh, guys. We're thrilled that April's found happiness, but it's hard to accept that her relationship with Butch is truly a thing of the past. In fact, let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit the good times!

Butch and April met when their kids started dating in middle school, and eventually got married. Unfortunately, Butch's history of mulleted insanity caught up with him, and he was arrested for domestic abuse. Boyfriend pleaded not-guilty and April filed for divorce, only to drop the charges and get back together with her man!

However, fast-forward to November 2013 and April once again filed for divorce while Ol' Butchy was in jail, causing world-wide panic that she'd remove her tattoo of him (a stick figure with a mullet).

Suffice to say that this relationship has been emotionally exhausting for all parties involved (especially us), but at least April has been able to move on. Then again, we're just not sure how she can resist Butch's free flowing hair, let alone his propensity toward saying things like, "I have a few beers here and there, but I'm no juicehead. I said, if anything, I like cocaine. Cocaine and marijuana, that's my drug of choice." And yes, that is a direct quote. You're welcome!

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