April Baltierra Supports Daughter Catelynn Lowell’s Second Pregnancy! (PHOTO)
Credit: April Baltierra on Twitter    

Teen Mom

April Baltierra Supports Daughter Catelynn Lowell’s Second Pregnancy! (PHOTO)

Catelynn Lowell hasn't always had the best relationship with her mom, April Baltierra — and not just because April married the father of Cate's baby daddy, Tyler Baltierra.

These ladies were at odds when Catelynn placed her first daughter, Carly, up for adoption, and their mother-daughter bond has been strained ever since!

Not only has Cate had to deal with her mom's alcoholism, she's had to deal with her compulsive lies. Remember the time April told In Touch that Cate was pregnant and she totally wasn't? Yeah, that was weird — but the good news is that this mother-daughter duo are in a much better place!

Now that April has ditched Butch Baltierra (aka Tyler's mulleted dad), she's sobered up and is ready to be the best mother and grandma ever! April recently shared a snapshot of herself posing with her world-famous daughter on Twitter with the caption, "Me and my little momma."

First of all, we love that Cate and April are wearing matching outfits — they look almost identical! Second of all, how great is it that April's being so supportive of Catelynn during this important time in her life?

Fans of Teen Mom are thrilled that these two have mended fences, and we can't wait to see this new chapter of their relationship unfold next season!

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