April Is Chief Resident! Grey’s Anatomy Finale Recap: Season 7, Episode 22
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Grey's Anatomy

April Is Chief Resident! Grey’s Anatomy Finale Recap: Season 7, Episode 22

It's season finale time for Grey's Anatomy! Are we gonna get some major drama, breathtaking twists, and intense cliffhangers? See for yourself.

Not that this was a big surprise to all of us, but Cristina (Sandra Oh) abruptly realizes that she's pregnant, and Lucy tells her the pregnancy is six weeks along. Owen (Kevin McKidd) is thrilled about it, but it's a non-starter for Cristina: she in no way wants a child. He asks her to dwell on the prospect for a little while, and she grudgingly admits that she would love a child but just doesn't want that future. She schedules an abortion appointment, and Owen is furious with her for negating his half of the decision. And he kicks her out of their super-sweet firehouse loft. She goes to crash with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), but Mer is ironically in full-on baby mode. (More on that later...)

Owen tells Derek (Patrick Dempsey) that Meredith somehow corrupted the trial, and both Derek and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) try to get Mer to talk, but Meredith keeps mum for the sake of the trial. Richard deduces that she was trying to help Adele and decides not to fire her but to suspend her instead and to let the FDA figure out the fate of the trial. But Derek isn't as forgiving. He implies that Mer will be a bad mother since she has no moral compass. He tells her that he needs time to think and never comes home that night. That's sort of a problem because the social worker grants Meredith temporary custody of Zola, starting that very day. Boom! Instant motherhood!

Meredith is rightfully pissed at Alex (Justin Chambers) and tells him to move out. Later, however, Mer wants someone to help her with Zola and finds Alex's bedroom all clear and bare — and she seems bummed! Also, Owen tells Alex that Chief Resident would have been his had he not alienated everyone by selling Mer out. Whoops!

Speaking of Chief Resident, Owen announces that the winner is (drumroll, please) April (Sarah Drew). Woohoo! Or...not? No one except Jackson (Jesse Williams) congratulates her, and April realizes that she'll lose her social standing when she has to start being bossy.

Teddy (Kim Raver) is all set to fly to Germany with Perkins the next morning and tries to say bye to Henry, but he won't let her act all best-friendly because he's tired of suppressing his love. Teddy finally comes back to him and kisses him, telling him that their marriage is starting to feel real to her.

In other relationship news, Alex shuns Ava — oops — Lucy when she asks him to give her a reason to stay in Seattle; Mark (Eric Dane) decides to stop chasing Lexie (Chyler Leigh) even though both he and Lexie know that he could win her back; and Eli proves to be good and gentlemanly enough for Bailey (Chanda Wilson) to introduce to her son.

The external drama of the episode is that a plane has crashed in Puget Sound, sending the hospital into a frenzy of trauma preparation. But it's all for naught because no victims show up; no one survived. The docs then have the responsibility of informing the families. But then, a sole survivor shows up: a young girl who was travelling by herself. One of the bereaved family members, Gilda, convinces her husband to stay with her to watch over the young girl until her family arrives, and the other victims' loved ones follow suit. When the girl's mom does show up, she thanks Gilda profusely and asks after Gilda's son. Gilda lies and says that the son survived. And our hearts pretty much shatter. Now that's good drama!

Seriously, were we the only ones disappointed with the finale? Did anything truly shocking happen? We knew from the previews that Mer and Der would be on the rocks. We knew from interviews that Owen and Cristina would have interpersonal drama. The only surprising thing that happened was April getting Chief Resident, but even that choice seems a bit arbitrary. So yeah, we're a bit underwhelmed. We don't need shooting rampages; we just need compelling and revolutionary drama to kickstart (and justify) another season. Grey's, we're discharging you for now, but we want you to come back in for a check-up in September, and we'll see about your condition.

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