Grey’s Anatomy: April and Jackson “Just Became Villains,” Says Sarah Drew
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: April and Jackson “Just Became Villains,” Says Sarah Drew

April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) embraced their shot at a happily-ever-after on February 27's episode of Grey's Anatomy when she (unsurprisingly) left her groom at the altar to run away with Jackson and then (surprisingly) agreed to become Mrs. Avery within mere hours.

Yet the "runaway bride" moment in that installment — Season 10, Episode 13: "Take It Back" — cost them their sterling reputations among their coworkers, many of whom were present at the wedding and witnessed the resulting relationship carnage.

But it gets worse. As Sarah notes in a TVLine interview, April and Jackson will become even more reviled when the other docs realized they eloped.

"That's the thing that's so messed up! I mean, it makes great television, but it's so hard because you want the people that you're rooting for to just have this beautiful, happy experience. But, the fact of the matter is, [Jackson and April] also just became villains. They have created such a horrible, horrifying situation for two people who, up until that second, thought that they were in love with them. It's just awful."

Sarah also explains to Entertainment Weekly that Jackson and April didn't just damage their own social standing, they also affected that of Jackson's now-ex-girlfriend.

"Stephanie [Jerrika Hinton] now has to go to work with all these people who watched her be rejected in the most horrible of ways … It's not like she's the head of surgery and something like this happened and everybody has to continue to be respectful. It's a very painful situation that she was left in, and she's going to deal with the pain of it for a while."

Yeah, enjoy that honeymoon while you can, you lovebirds.

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