Are Tristan & Nancy the New Maks & Kirstie on DWTS?
Are Tristan & Nancy the New Maks & Kirstie on DWTS?
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Dancing With The Stars

Are Tristan & Nancy the New Maks & Kirstie on DWTS?


Kirstie Alley may have inspired Ricki Lake to go on Dancing With the Stars, but on Season 13 it’s Nancy Grace who has unexpectedly filled Kirstie’s position as the sexy mama flirting with the hot young pro.

On Season 12, millions of viewers mixed jealousy with admiration watching Kirstie, 60, live the dream with hot Ukrainian dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, 31. Now that Irish cutie Tristan MacManus, 29, has taken DWTS by storm — trouncing the competition in our hottest male pro poll and igniting the ABC message boards like a firecracker. There’s no doubt about it: He is the new Maks (or at least giving Maks a run for his money in the stud department). And — never saw this coming — Nancy Grace, 51, is the new Kirstie, the confident older woman snuggling and sparring with her boy toy on the dance floor.

Team MacGrace has amazing chemistry and we’ve noticed — with insane jealousy and a growing sense of alarm — how Tristan and Nancy can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Is it a strategy or are they just very hands-on people?

The two are getting awfully snuggly, although not to the point where her husband, David, would have to get too nervous. We’re not expecting this to turn into a love match, although Tristan did admit to Wetpaint Entertainment that he’s “frustratingly single” but doesn’t have time for any other woman except Nancy right now. How lucky can one lady get?!

But we can’t get too mad at Nancy because she is at least trying to share Tristan with the rest of us, even if it isn’t working. She told GMA, “You are not going to see him — even though I’ve asked him to — rip off his shirt or do a stunt,” she said.

BAH! At least Maks and his brother, Val, are aware of the value of shirtless dancing (and pleather) pants. Keep trying, Nancy!

Source: GMA