Aria Comes “Undone” on Pretty Little Liars! 5 Reasons We’re Excited to See This Liar Lose It
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Pretty Little Liars

Aria Comes “Undone” on Pretty Little Liars! 5 Reasons We’re Excited to See This Liar Lose It

In the aftermath of Aria’s (Lucy Hale) discovery that Ezra dated Alison and is writing a true crime book about her disappearance, the Liar is poised to totally lose it. And, with a title like “She’s Come Undone,” one can imagine how crazy tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars might become. Here are five reasons we can’t wait to find out.

It will give Lucy a chance to stretch her acting chops

Last week, we were reminded how great of an actress Lucy really is. And, this week, we’re set to see a whole new side of her acting ability. We’ve seen Luce play everything from scared-for-her-life to desperately-in-love, but tonight we’re expecting to see something different. Aria is furious and hurt beyond reason. She has had some time to process what Ezra has told her, and it’s not going so well. Whatever Aria is feeling is a complex emotion that cannot be put into words — no matter how many hyphens — but we’re excited to see Lucy take a stab at it.

Aria has totally earned it

Aria’s absolute and utter misery in this episode is totally earned, which is why her nosedive into insanity will be that much more enjoyable to watch. This isn’t unvalidated behavior that doesn’t make sense with her character arc, or is an over-reaction to something. Aria is totally justified in tearing Ezra’s apartment to shreds, in invading his privacy the way he invaded hers again and again. We’ve got your back, Aria!

Luce has the best ugly crying face

Last week’s episode introduced us to one of our favorite things ever: Lucy’s ugly crying face. And we never want to let it go. If this week’s episode gives us the chance to see it from different angles, then it’s a success already.

We love the other Liars in BFF Mode

We’re sad to see Aria in such pain, but we do love what one Liars’ misery tends to being out in the other Liars: BFF mode. We just know Emily, Spencer, and Hanna are going to step up their friend game in this episode to comfort their bestie, and we can’t wait. The best part of this show continues to be the friendships between the core four. Liars unite!

It makes Aria unpredictable

If we learned anything from Spencer’s Season 3 spiral into darkness, it’s that a miserable Liar is an unpredictable Liar — and we love our television characters unpredictable. Aria usually sticks to a pretty regular routine, so we have no idea what an erratic Aria looks like. We just hope that, like Spencer, it involves rugby tackling someone to the ground.

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Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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