Aria Learns Ezra’s Troubling Secret! Lucy Hale and Ian Harding React
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Pretty Little Liars

Aria Learns Ezra’s Troubling Secret! Lucy Hale and Ian Harding React

During February 18’s Season 4, Episode 20: “Free Fall,” Pretty Little Liars’s huge Ezra (Ian Harding) is “A” bombshell was revealed to be nothing more than a red herring. Ezra is not “A.” He’s not on the “A” team.

Instead, his obsession with lies and secrets was explained away as Ezra being obsessed with Ali, so much so that he started writing a true crime novel based on her life. Yes, his entire relationship with Aria (Lucy Hale) was built on a lie. But he has not been the one tormenting the girls all these years.

Aria Learns Ezra’s Troubling Secret! Lucy Hale and Ian Harding React
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This isn’t the greatest news for fans who want Ezria back together, but it certainly offers hope. After the episode aired, stars Ian Harding and Lucy Hale spoke with Buzzfeed about how they reacted to the huge reveal... and if they think Ezria has a chance of making it work.

Lucy says her reaction to Ezra’s true crime novelist revel left her feeling “confusion mixed with relief mixed with curiosity.” For Ian, the twist was extremely insightful into understanding his character’s true motives.

“There’s this phrase I’ve heard: ‘You don’t truly know somebody until you know what they want,’” he says. “Over the last few years I’ve come up with my own justifications for scenes, but now knowing what Ezra wants, and has wanted, kick-started the character for me again.”

Seeing his character’s good guy image shattered was fun for the actor. “I like the fact he’s had this skeleton in his closet the whole time,” he says. “So it changes a lot about how I perceive him and how I play him.”

So now that Aria knows Ezra’s obsession with Ali was the only reason he pursued a relationship with her, is there any hope for the couple? “She feels used,” Lucy says. “She’s confused about how she missed the signs and how she could fall for someone who was hiding a whole other life.”

That said, Lucy maintains that she wants to believe Aria is still in love with Ezra. Clearly, things between them will never be the same. But she’s not giving up hope for the couple just yet.

Source: Buzzfeed

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