Pretty Little Liars’ Aria and Jake Pose for “Prom” (PHOTO)
Credit: Norman Buckley    

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars’ Aria and Jake Pose for “Prom” (PHOTO)

The Pretty Little Liars prom photo trend continues, and this time Ryan Guzman (Jake) and Lucy Hale (Aria) are getting in on the action. How do you think these two look in the classic prom pose? Perhaps we might see their characters actually attending a prom in PLL’s future...?

PLL director Norman Buckley is the one who posted the photo, hilariously labeling it, “For the Ariakes! Or whatever they’re called. (Aria Gets around.) #EzriansComeDownOffTheLedge.”

We have to admit: Luce and Ryan look pretty damn good together. Lucy has a content smile on her face and Ryan is looking off pleasantly into the distance, arms tight around his PLL co-star. And it is good practice for their on-screen counterparts.

Judging by Ryan’s tweets and spoilers we’ve gathered, Jake is going to be sticking around Rosewood into the second half of Season 4. Considering the Liars are seniors, they’ll eventually have to go to prom, right? (Where “A” will promptly spill a bucket of pig’s blood on them.) We’re thinking Jake would make a fine prom date for our Aria ... you know, if she doesn't find a way to go with Ezra.

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