Aria Sexts With Her Mom! Top 5 OMG Moments from Pretty Little Liars, March 7, 2011
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Pretty Little Liars

Aria Sexts With Her Mom! Top 5 OMG Moments from Pretty Little Liars, March 7, 2011

Have you caught your breath yet after all the surprises from this week’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 1, Episode 20)? The episode, entitled “Someone to Watch Over Me,” was packed with jaw-dropping moments. Let the craziness begin!

5. Paige and Emily’s hot hookup
Looks like these two are back on! Now that Paige is being courted by Sean, Emily seems like she’s interested again. (Note to Maya: Now might be a good time to hurry back.) Can't wait to see whether Emily will be the catalyst that forces Paige to come out for real (and not fall out of the closet).

4. Ian confronts Spencer
We knew that Ian and Spencer aren’t exactly besties, but now he’s trying to get her to skip town? What a jerk! And to think that Spencer once fell for this guy. (If only there were a way to get rid of him...)

3. Aria sends a steamy text... to her mom
Sending a romantic text to a guy like Ezra is totally hot. Accidentally sending it to your mom, on the other hand, is totally not. You’d think that someone who’s hiding an incredibly incriminating relationship would be a little more careful!

2. Police find incriminating fibers in Spencer’s room
Spencer sure isn’t having the world’s best luck. First, her room gets torn upside down by the cops, and then her mom tells her that they found fibers on her bracelet that match those from the bloody sweater, making it seem like she was setting up Toby. In fact, the only thing going right for Spencer is having a total hottie like Toby by her side!

1. Hanna discovers Caleb’s secrets
We finally get an explanation for “214” — it was Caleb’s locker combo, which Jenna needed because she was paying him to get info about Hanna (and put it on that weird owl flash drive). Needless to say, that doesn’t sit to well with Hanna, who throws Caleb out and slaps Jenna across the face! Of course, if it were us, we would have slapped Jenna months ago.


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