Ariana Grande on Big Brother 16: “Frankie Might’ve Just Saved His Game” —  Also, “LMAO Caleb”
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Ariana Grande on Big Brother 16: “Frankie Might’ve Just Saved His Game” — Also, “LMAO Caleb”

Ariana Grande is the unseen player on Big Brother 16. Wait, did we say unseen? Never mind — there she is posing with Julie Chen, on set for the Thursday, August 7 live show. The superstar singer/actress’s brother, Frankie Grande, is competing on BB16, and before he went into the house he said, "I'm not going to tell a soul about my sister." He said the game had nothing to do with her. However, he changed his tune when he wanted to save his own bacon in a house that had stopped trusting his lies and manipulation.

On August 8, after saving himself in the Battle of the Block, he told everyone he's Ari's brother and added that he's playing for a charity that helps schools in Africa. Houseguests had varying reactions — and some will surely try to kiss his butt, since plenty of aspiring entertainers go on reality shows like BB to get exposure.

Ariana supported her brother's big revelation, tweeting to her 17 million followers on August 9: "Frankie might've just saved his game tonight!!! werrk @FrankieJGrande! told his whole truth & apologized for playing dirty like a man. proud." The whole truth is not out (someone needs to spill the beans on Team America) and he'll probably continue to play dirty. Just strategically timing this reveal that he was originally never going to reveal could be interpreted as playing dirty, or at least manipulative. Frankie is a smart player, and he knows how to play people.

Ariana Grande on Big Brother 16: “Frankie Might’ve Just Saved His Game” —  Also, “LMAO Caleb”
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Anyway, Beast Mode Froot Loop Caleb Reynolds had some interesting reactions to Frankie's news and Ariana commented on them as well. After Frankie's big speech, Caleb asked, "Are you even gay?" (Haha! Frankie said he’s very gay.) Caleb then asked if Frankie can get him in the studio with Justin Bieber. Ariana's take on that: "lmao Caleb."

She also retweeted a hint to a Zankie reunion, however brief. Last night, the Power of Veto comp was held and Frankie's on-and-off "boyfriend" Zach Rance won the POV, which will save him from the block. After the comp, Zach was heard telling Frankie, "If I was gay, I'd be on my knees sucking your dick right now." Ariana shared that, writing, "Well damn."

Everything she tweets gets thousands of "likes," and the Houseguests know by now that Frankie pretty much has America's Favorite Houseguest sewn up, thanks to his sister. Frankie and Zach fans have taken over the online presence of the show, which surely influences things behind the scenes. Even Donny Thompson may not be able to save himself with the deck stacked this high. Follow the Week 7 action here. With Zach and Frankie both safe, Donny is definitely in trouble, but we’ll see. (If someone popular is voted out, they could always be made to come back.)

Do you agree with Ariana that Frankie may have saved his game with his speech? Do you think it's because he was honest, as she suggests, or because the HGs will now want to use him (or producers just want to use him to keep the Arianators watching)?

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