Ariana Grande Splits With Boyfriend (Again) — Blame Justin Bieber?
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Ariana Grande Splits With Boyfriend (Again) — Blame Justin Bieber?

Should we read into this?

According to Gossip Cop, Victorious and iCarly star Ariana Grande recently split with her boyfriend, singer Jai Brooks.

They reportedly broke up last week — although, as GC noted, they dated last year and broke up in February then got back together in the spring. So they may just reunite again in a couple of weeks. Who knows. (Kind of like Jelena.)

But the timing is interesting, since Ariana has been defending her little kiss from Justin Bieber. (See photo at left.) She went to a JB show 'cause her grandmother is a big Belieber, and she ended up taking a photo with Justin. Justin encouraged her to post the pic online, and when she did, fans went nuts.

Ariana told everyone to "chill out" over the innocent cheek peck, but now that she's reportedly single, fans probably aren't going to be chill.

What do you think? Would Justin and "The Way" singer Ariana make a cute couple?

Source: Gossip Cop