It’s no secret that we’re big fans of diva-on-the-rise Ariana Grande. The chart-topping star is super sweet and undeniably talented, with so much power and range that the media has dubbed her “mini-Mariah.” We even love her adorable relationship with fellow pop star Nathan Sykes of The Wanted. But we have one grievance we have to air about Miss Ariana, and that would be her ever-constant half-pony hairstyle.

We totally respect that she’s going for a retro look with the pastel hues and swingy skirts, but when all of that is coupled with this youthful ‘do and Ariana’s tiny frame, she veers into too-precious territory. To take her fame to the next level, we think it’s time she switches it up. Here are three reasons why we think Ariana should switch up her hair look:

1. She’s 20 years old.

We know that Ariana can’t help that she looks younger than she is, but she doesn’t need to play it up either. She’s got a mature R&B voice and is singing about all that adult stuff like love and heartbreak (and even sex!) in her music, so there’s no reason she shouldn’t be able to portray this in her hairstyle. The girl is almost the same age as Miley, so there’s no reason she should look like she’s attending a father-daughter dance.

2. She’s got a great head of hair.

Ariana’s not hiding thin hair under that updo — it’s clear that she’s got a gorgeous mane, even when it’s pinned back. So why not let it down! There are tons of other pop stars that would kill for all of that body and shine. She could really do anything with it and it would be so fun to see her try something new for every appearance.

3. Think of the hairography!

Right now, Ariana’s not making use of her long strands in her performances. But every good diva — Beyoncé, anyone? — knows that a hairflip or twirl can go a long way. A lot of Ariana’s songs are upbeat and dancey, and her on-stage choreography should reflect as much.

Do you think Ariana should change up her hairstyle? Sound off down below.

Samantha Lear is an Assistant Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter and Google+!