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Rising superstar Ariana Grande has looked great for pretty much every performance on her endless holiday season tour — which probably isn’t too difficult for the impeccably-styled, enviously-maned mini diva. But in recent weeks, some internet commenters began buzzing that the 20-year-old’s normally modest chest was looking a little… enhanced. So, instead of ignoring the rumors, Ariana took to Instagram to respond to her fans directly.

The Right There singer opens the video with a close-up shot of her chest (clothed, of course!) while she jokingly repeats “Ariana got a boob job!” over and over. But — psych! — it’s all in playful fun, as Ari zooms out and reveals her true secret to a larger bosom:

“Nope, it’s a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra,” she admits. “False advertisement just like the rest of America, children.”

And there you have it, Arianators. Celebrities, they’re just like us!

For the record, we love the way Ariana handled this situation. It’s nice to see that the songstress can have a sense of humor about all of the media attention on her image. With the truckload of talent this young lady is working with, her star will likely only continue to rise — bringing with it a lot of public scrutiny. That self-deprecating humor is only going to help!

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Source: Instagram

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