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Update (December 18, 2013):

Don’t count Ariana out just yet! After the songstress heard wind that her quote from the Complex interview had sparked rumors of retirement, she took to her Twitter to straighten us all out.

“Apparently I'm ‘retiring from acting’ but that's not true. :)” Ariana clarified. “Just thought I'd clear that up, definitely a rumor... moooorning loves.”

Phew! This is great news for fans of the multi-talented star, who were not ready to see her limit herself to just one medium. As long as you keep putting out great music, we’re happy either way!

Original story (December 17, 2013):

When your side gig begins to outshine your day job, it might be time to do a little life reorganizing. At least, that’s the case for the chart-topping Ariana Grande, who’s super busy balancing a rising pop career and a starring role on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat. Now Ariana is saying that she’ll soon likely leave her acting career behind.

The “The Way” singer — who graces the cover of Complex’s January issue — first rose to prominence as the ginger-haired, flighty Cat Valentine on Nick’s Victorious. That role spun-off into her current lead role on Sam & Cat. And though Ariana has enjoyed her time on these shows, she shares that acting was never her end game.

“I never liked acting,” the 20-year-old admits. “I auditioned for TV to get a platform to get a record deal and then I fell in love with acting because it was fun. After I’m done playing Cat Valentine I don’t see myself doing much acting, but I would do a scary movie or a musical, at any moment.”

We can’t blame Ari for wanting to devote all of her time to her music career — she’s been killing it recently on her jam-packed holiday tour and she’s pretty much got a monopoly on the uber-talented, young pop-R&B diva thing. And we’re in full support of her bringing back the ‘90s era Mariah Carey-type music to the top of the charts. But we imagine those long-standing Arianators might not be ready to let their beloved Cat step off the screen.

Luckily, it seems like Ariana hasn’t totally kicked the acting bug. The former Broadway star is open to returning to the stage for a role in a musical, which sounds like a great idea to us! With the success of Carrie Underwood’s Sound of Music small-screen reprisal, there are sure to be a plethora of TV musicals in which we could totally see Ariana killing it. Can anyone say West Side Story?

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