Credit: Ariana Grande on Instagram

It’s the new Ariana Grande, folks. The sugary sweet Nickelodeon star has certainly had a mature sound for some time now — the throwback R&B vibe, those sexy lyrics in “Right There” — but her image had still remained oddly pure for a 20 year old. But during her April 26 debut performance of single “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea, Ari showed off a grown and sexy new look.

Gone are the flowery ‘50s-inspired dresses and nylons. The pony may still be there, but this time Ariana took the stage in a black leather corseted top with fitted black pants. The only girly addition is the Mickey Mouse ears she wore especially for the occasion.

Beyond her new look, Ariana’s actual performance was a departure in itself. She strutted the stage during the hip hop-infused tune — sadly, Iggy was only there in the backing track, not in-person — with some fresh and sassy choreography. It’s so nice to see her move around the stage! And she still sounds fantastic in between it all!

The tune itself is hella catchy. Between the mini diva’s belting verses, there’s a whispery chorus (vocals provided by rapper Big Sean!) over that oh-so-timely brass instrument bassline. Song of Summer 2014, anyone?

Watch Ariana perform below and sound off in the comments about what you think!

Source: Radio Disney

Credit: AOL Photo: Ariana Grande's Problem Performance at 2014 RDMAs (VIDEO)

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