Arie Lueyndyk, Jr. Crashes, Breaks Collarbone in Race! — Is He OK? (VIDEO)
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Arie Lueyndyk, Jr. Crashes, Breaks Collarbone in Race! — Is He OK? (VIDEO)

Let us all take a knee for our dear friend/frequent subject of inappropriate dreams, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. As fans know, when the Season 8 Bachelorette runner-up is not busy making girls swoon and collecting roses like a G, he has the terrifying, exhilarating job of driving really poorly-protected cars on race tracks. It’s awesome, but also sometimes means that he breaks things, as happened this weekend.

Apparently, Arie was competing with his Gunk team in TORC: The Off Road Championship Series a few days ago, when he got into a collision with another driver named Mike Jenkins killer of dreams. The two were in a heated battle, when Mike took a turn — directly into Arie’s car. Our flying dutchman rolled a bunch of times in a scary crash before his truck righted itself.

Check it out at the 2 hour 43 minute mark:

It’s actually one of the cooler videos we’ve ever seen, and Arie totally handled it like a champ. But in a video from a camera inside the car, his pain is obvious. In the clip, his team rushes to his busted-out window and Arie’s face shows what they’d later find out: he broke his clavicle. It seems his arm was wedged against the seat, and he had to have surgery on Tuesday.

Arie went to the doctor, and posted an X-ray on Monday showing the diagonal break of the bone. While our first thought is “you waited until Monday to get that checked out?!” we imagine he might have had something more important to do than tweet after his appointment… maybe. But although it’s a pretty gnarly injury, he’s confident that he will be healed by the end of the month, and will be back to racing in no time.

While we shake our heads (sorry, we know that’s probably tough for you, Ar), we have four words for you: What a FREAKING badass.

We wish you a speedy recovery, Arie! Maybe on a beach for Bachelor in Paradise?

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