Arielle Kebbel on Her New Show Perfect Score and Vampire Diaries Rehash — Exclusive
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The Vampire Diaries

Arielle Kebbel on Her New Show Perfect Score and Vampire Diaries Rehash — Exclusive

If you’ve been missing The Vampire Diaries, you can assuage your hiatus pains a bit by watching The CW’s new show Perfect Score. Hosted by Arielle Kebbel — who plays Lexi on TVD — it’s a dating show that aims to set people up based on, get this, compatibility.

When Wetpaint Entertainment talked to the busy actress/hostess, we asked her about dating, compatibility, and, of course, Vampire Diaries. We need to know if she’s hosting the Rehash again.. and just what Lexi and Alaric (Matt Davis) are up to on the Other Side.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We saw the first few episodes of The Perfect Score. What can you say about the show for someone who may have missed them?

It only get crazier. I mean, we’ve got girls coming up that are looking to meet their husbands on our show, which is interesting to say the least. We’ve got more people that actually win $50,000. I mean, every week, definitely, people will be entertained.

Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money!

It is a lot of money, and they take it seriously!

Are some people in it for the money? Are they looking for fun? Of course, if some women are looking for husbands...

Yeah, besides them! I think it’s a number of reasons. Overall, our show is a lot of fun. I keep calling it Singled Out of 2013 because it’s engaging; it’s fun. We encourage the audience to participate. We’ve got the guys in the Losers’ Lounge yelling out. We want everyone to be engaged and having a good time whether they’re winning or losing. I think that naturally attracts a young crowd, and I think people who are wanting to be on TV and have that experience are attracted to the show. Beyond that, i think the reason people want to come on the show is $50,000 is a lot of money. Anyone would be lucky to win that!

But beyond that, there’s not a show out there that actually works off of true compatibility with someone versus looks or anything else. I think that is really the pulling force. When you get right down to it, I don’t know any other game show, TV show, even dating website that goes, like, “Look, on paper, you two people are technically perfect for each other. Here you go. Go have fun.” I don’t know anywhere else that does that. And I think that that’s really intriguing to people, and it should be.

There are some surprises, too, like the two friends who had very different tastes but ended up having their most compatible person be the same guy.

That’s what so much fun. I think it’s educational for the two people, the two best friends that are on the show competing against each other. I think it’s very educational for them and a real eye-opener. So often, in every day life, they would excuse their most compatible person, which is probably why they’re still single in the first place. And then beyond that, it’s entertaining for us because we’re like, wow, we didn't see that coming.

What do you think makes a couple compatible?

Oh, gosh. That’s an interesting question. You know, as I grow and change and evolve, my answer changes. Because there was a time in my life where I’d go, “You have to get along, you have to laugh.” And those things are important, but the older I get, I realize a relationship is really about balance. Two people can be quite opposite and still be a great balance for one another, as long as they’re willing to communicate and realize where their differences are. I think it’s about providing a balance for one another and not turning your back on differences but actually, like, accepting differences and learning from one another.

What are your favorite dating shows?

Well, Singled Out, duh! Have I said that enough yet? For me that is the ultimate. I loved watching that growing up as a kid, so I love being a part of the version for the next generation.

Have you ever set anyone up? Or had anyone set you up?

You know, I was actually set up for the first time a year and half ago. I can’t believe it. I’ve never said yes to a setup, ever. I’d just gotten back from a really remarkable journey overseas; I was traveling. And I came back and someone offered to set me up with someone. I heard a little voice in my head saying, “You should probably start saying yes.” So I said yes, and so far we are a year-and-a-half strong.

Your friend’s a pretty good matchmaker!

You know, honestly, he either is or all three of us are just really lucky. ‘Cause I don’t know if he knew it was going to go that well. But I don’t think any of us did.

If you could appear on any game show, which would it be?

I’m obsessed with Whose Line Is It Anyway! First of all, my new bestie is Colin [Mochrie]. My goal is to get on their show and play. I’m obsessed!

Will we see you on the Rehash again?

I miss the Rehash as much as you guys do. I love doing the show; I love that people love watching it. It was this kind of a fun thing we did last year. And to see that people have responded and are enjoying it means the world to me. So, I would very much like to see it come back. I know that people are very positive in thinking it comes back, though that is not locked down officially yet but it should be soon. And I would love to see you guys back there this fall!

I think what fans love about the Rehash is you seem to be such a fan of the show.

Well, I am. I think that Julie Plec has done an amazing job, and Kevin Williamson as well, of creating this world. And I think all the actors are amazing. And I think all the fans are amazing for keeping it alive and real and loving Lexi the way they do.

We’re hoping we get to see you on Season 5. Maybe Bonnie will work some witch magic so get Lexi and Alaric can be together behind the veil...

Listen, you and me both. Like I said, I continue to be grateful for the way Julie and the fans have kept Lexi alive. And I want to continue keeping her alive in any way I can. The fun thing is that we keep it secret how it happens. The good news is anything can happen in Mystic Falls, especially on the Other Side.

Hopefully Lexi and Alaric are keeping each other company.

I think people are wondering what’s happening with us on the Other Side. Are we allowed to touch each other? If so, what’s going on?

You have Instant Mom coming up soon; can you tell us a little about that?

Instant Mom is new comedy on Nick at Nite with Tia Mowry. I play her best friend, Erica. It’s a really, really sweet family show. It’s about a character, Tia, who goes from being a fun-loving gal in her 30s to moving in with her husband who has three kids. So she goes from single life to being a stepmom and learning a lot of lessons the hard way and navigating for that. The show is very light and charming, but there are some real lessons to be learned throughout it. I represent the life she once had. I really enjoy it. It’s a very sweet show.

Do you have any other projects coming up?

That’s it! Just tune in to Perfect Score every Tuesday at 9, and I’ll be very grateful!