Grey’s Anatomy: Arizona Reverts to Past Behavior After Breaking Prosthetic Leg
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC    
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Arizona Reverts to Past Behavior After Breaking Prosthetic Leg

Grey’s Anatomy’s Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is about to have a very bad day a little over 24 hours from now, and a lot of it stems from her run-in with an unruly gurney. In the promo for this week’s episode (Episode 15: “Throwing it All Away”) we see Arizona break her leg — and, as it turns out, it’s just the beginning of her day spiraling out of control.

So which leg is the one that’s injured — her prosthetic or her real leg? “She breaks her fake leg,” Jessica told TVLine. “And it sucks because at this point, she has a pretty fancy prosthesis, so she has to revert back to the one she had before and carry on with her day because she’s got a ton of surgeries.”

And we all know how well her old leg worked for her (hint: not well). We expect Arizona will be very unhappy until she gets the fancy one back.

“And then there’s something very crazy that happens at the end regarding her legs but I can’t really share that!” Jessica added. “It goes back to where she first started and something she used to do.”

Hmm… Thinking back on Arizona’s behavior from when she first started — does this mean when she first started working at the hospital, or when she first started adjusting to life without her leg? We’re hoping it means that we’ll get to see her roller skating again and not, you know, cheating on Callie (Sara Ramirez). How awesome would Arizona be, skating around the hospital with only one real leg? We believe in you, AZ!

What behavior do you think Arizona will revert back to? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TVLine