Justin Bieber

Celebs Belieb in Justin Bieber — Who Has Voiced Support for the Teen Idol?

With Justin's laundry list of antics lately, it's no surprise that he's been catching a lot of flak, especially since his DUI arrest in Miami and assault charge in Toronto. Despite all that's happened, though, some celebrities — including Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Chris Brown — have jumped to his defense!

The Biebs's DUI court date isn't until February 14, but some famous folks have come to his defense in the court of public opinion. Even if Justin's recent behavior is nothing short of ridiculous, we totally respect these stars for standing up for the pop culture punching bag!

Defenses of Justin's actions vary: They say that he's actually a nice guy, he's just being a young person, that his posse is unsupportive, that fame is hard — and even that he's just plain cute. Read on for eight celebs on Team Bieber. Do you belieb in his magic?