The Bachelor 2014: One of Juan Pablo Galavis’ Ladies Was Arrested For Underage Drinking — Report
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor 2014: One of Juan Pablo Galavis’ Ladies Was Arrested For Underage Drinking — Report

A member of Juan Pablo Galavis' new Bachelor 2014 harem got caught drinking about nine years ago when she was probably age 20. The scandal! Let's burn her as a witch!

OK, maybe that’s pretty normal for college kids — and great training for The Bachelor, where alcohol is a girl's best — and sometimes only — friend.

According to RadarOnline, Kat Hurd, 29, is the girl who got arrested back at the University of Iowa. She was charged with "possession of alcohol under the legal age" and fined $100. (Imagine having to pay $100 for the kind of booze they usually have at those parties. Sad.)

But that was 2004, and another source tells Wetpaint that she wasn't arrested so much as fined. Which is a horse of a different color, to quote the Wizard of Oz. Although it's hardly relevant to her 2014 search for love/attention on The Bachelor, which is kicking off with a Sunday night special on January 5 before the big Monday, January 6 premiere, legal trouble isn't usually highlighted in contestant bios.

Kat made the Phoenix Suns NBA dance team recently, but chose to pursue love in lieu of a rhythm emotion, and she's now well over the U.S.’s legal drinking age. Juan Pablo tweeted a little bit ago that he doesn't drink at all, but he's a veteran of The Bachelorette so he's used to seeing alcohol everywhere and he's not likely to mind being surrounded by girls who drink ... as long as it’s not too much. Who knows, maybe a steady supply of champagne is exactly what's needed to understand what he's saying.

Fess up: Were you ever in possession of alcohol under age 21? Did you get caught by the cops and have to pay? Were you an angel and never touched the stuff? If so, maybe you should go date JuanPabs!

Source: RadarOnline

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