Arya “Doesn’t Know What’s Right or Wrong” on Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones

Arya “Doesn’t Know What’s Right or Wrong” on Game of Thrones

Usually, if a child doesn’t know right from wrong, the blame for that is laid at her parents’ feet. But what if said child’s parents are dead? This is the conundrum facing Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) on Game of Thrones as she heads into Season 5 as a much darker person than we ever could have imagined. According to Maisie Williams, who portrays Arya, she’s only going to get worse.

“[Arya]’s still a child, and I think people are forgetting that,” Maisie tells IGN. “People still think the good guys are good guys and the bad guys are bad guys. It’s not that. It’s not at all. Just because they’re your favorite character or they’ve done something that you enjoyed in previous seasons, it doesn’t mean that they’re a perfect person ... Arya’s been through so much up to this point in that she doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. She’s still trying to figure that out. She’s struggling to hold onto that little girl inside her, but she doesn't know how to.”

Does this mean Arya’s going to become more of a “bad guy” in Season 5? “That’s all she ever knew, was her family was these perfect people and did the right things and never wanted to upset anyone intentionally. Then she realized, actually, it doesn’t matter if you’re that person or not. It doesn’t count. No one is playing by the rules.”

Whether she becomes a villain or not, it definitely sounds like Arya has learned to be less like a Stark, which sounds a little villainous to us.