Bachelor in Paradise’s AshLee Frazier Apologizes For Dissing Clare Crawley
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise’s AshLee Frazier Apologizes For Dissing Clare Crawley

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all… is a lesson AshLee Frazier apparently never learned in her youth. In last night’s Episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, 34-year-old Ash went full high school mean girl on her foe Clare Crawley by trying to sabotage her relationship with Zack Kalter and basically slut-shaming her. So what does the personal organizer have to say for herself now?

Looks like a couple months — and some real life perspective — has turned AshLee into a grown up again. Whether it was out of embarrassment for being called out on TV or pure genuine remorse, AshLee took to Twitter during the ep and addressed her bad behavior.

“Not my proudest moment,” Ash tweeted, alongside a screenshot of her in that now-infamous hammock scene with Zack. She then adds, “Sometimes we all wish we could rewind. I'm sorry. #BachelorInParadise.”

In case you were a little deep into your wine bottle by the time this happened (or, in a major mistake. if you opted to watch the Emmys 2014 instead) here’s the recap: Capital L sneakily chatted up Clare’s Paradise hookup buddy, telling him he should consider other people. She also dissed C-squared by calling her “cuckoo” and calling her out for hooking up with Juan Pablo Galavis in the ocean during Bachelor 18.

That all came to bite her in the a-s-s, though, because soon enough everyone knew Ash was s—t-talking her castmate, including new love Graham Bunn. Someone should have reminded her that bitchiness is not a turn-on.

But credit where credit’s due, at least AshLee is owning up to her crimes. It takes a big person to admit they’re wrong, and hopefully she doesn’t make the same mistake again!

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Source: AshLee Frazier on Twitter