Did AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn Date Before Bachelor in Paradise? (UPDATE)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Did AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn Date Before Bachelor in Paradise? (UPDATE)

UPDATE (8/19/14):

Leave it to Reality Steve to get to the bottom of this one. The spoiler king and Bachelor/ette franchise insider took to his blog today to shut that rumor down.

"Not true," Steve stated, in response to a reader's question about AshLee and Graham's pre-show relationship. "Neither of them had ever met before stepping foot in Mexico. Remember, Graham did say in an interview, that before the show he was most interested in meeting AshLee. Says a friend of his had dated her and he had nothing but great things to say about her. I’m assuming he was talking about Brad Womack. But yeah, no truth to the rumor they knew each other or had met before the show started."

Is it weird to say that we're relieved? On one hand, if the gossip was true, Ash would be redeemed for her seemingly premature feelings. On the other hand, at least we know that these people aren't secretly amazing actors pulling the wool over our eyes. Silver linings!

Original story (8/15/14):

Well, maybe AshLee Frazier isn’t so Fatal Attraction after all: Apparently, she and Graham Bunn met and dated before going on Bachelor in Paradise, making her pee a circle around him behavior in the premiere a little more understandable. Emphasis on a little.According to Life & Style, capital L and G.Bunns “used to date, prior to filming” — whatever that means. The report doesn’t say if they went on just one date or canoodled for months, but since no one seems to have known about it in advance, we’re betting their dating history leans a little more toward casual encounters.

The report goes on to say that “Secretly, Graham wants AshLee back.” So confusing, since just a couple weeks ago,
Graham revealed that he went on the show to meet Ash. He said that she “had dated a friend of mine and he had wonderful things to say about her. I had never met her before.” One of these things is not like the other…

Whatever the true story, the mag’s insider blames poor Clare Crawley for asking Graham out on a date when AshLee already had claims on him, saying that “all Clare does is cause drama!” Um, what now? How was the raccoon whisperer supposed to know Ash had already gotten a taste of G.Bunns and was coming back for more? As far as C-squared knew, she signed up for free booze and makeout sessions galore — you can’t blame a gal for wanting to sample a bit of everything from the buffet…

If this report is true and the duo went to Tulum specifically to rekindle whatever flame they’d been previously lighting, it sure does bring up that question everyone loves to throw around about the contestants: Are they there for the “right reasons?” They’re there for love, sure, but Ben Scott got booted for taking up a spot someone else could have filled. If they already had a connection, shouldn’t Ash and Graham have worked on their night moves on their own time?

Do you think Ash and Graham should have gone on the show if they were already dating? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Life & Style