AshLee Frazier Pairing Up With Jef Holm?

The Bachelor

AshLee Frazier Pairing Up With Jef Holm?

In Bachelor Nation, the hooking up doesn’t stop when the cameras turn off. Blame it on the ABC mixers, but there have been so many cross-season relationships, we’re losing track on who met who met who. Now there’s a new dynamic duo to add to the list of intertwined roses: AshLee Frazier and Jef Holm.

“Woah! What?!” you’re probably yelling at your screen. We would be too if this pair’s relationship was in any way romantic, but with AshLee and Jef, things are all business. Specifically, Jef’s business: People Water

“You can help and make a difference,” AshLee captioned a recent photo of her throwing back Jef’s bottled specialty (think Ben Flajnik’s wine but minus the booze and stray hairs).

AshLee Frazier Pairing Up With Jef Holm?
Credit: AshLee Frazier on Twitter    

People Water is a “for-profit, cause-based business” founded by Jef and pal Cody Barker that works to get people clean, safe water all over the globe. Or, as Ashlee explained in a recent blog post, “Have you ever heard of TOMS? Well, People Water is just that but helps those thirsty.” Shoes for your throat, guys!

But all snark aside, People Water has donated an estimated 2.2 million gallons of water to people in need since the company started back in 2010 (that’s pre-Jef’s wooing of now ex-fiancée Emily Maynard on Season 8). The company’s next venture: bottling the tears of the broken-hearted. A Desiree Hartsock flavor is expected in the fall.

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