AshLee Frazier Plans Brad Womack Date Night — To Do What?
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AshLee Frazier Plans Brad Womack Date Night — To Do What?

When we imagine Season 17 Bachelor ex AshLee Frazier and Season 15 Bachelor Brad Womack hanging out on a normal night, we have a few thoughts about what goes on. On Tuesdays, we’re thinking lasagna and sock drawer color coordinating. Fridays are probably dressing room montages followed by standing at bars together, glimmering like a Cullen and making everyone jealous of their goldenness. You know, normal couple stuff.

But nowhere in our fan-fic-and-wine fueled scenarios do we imagine that they go grocery shopping for kale, or rent Redbox chick flicks. Because, just look at them. So you can imagine our surprise when Capital L tweeted about her plans for an upcoming date with her Texan hottie.

I can't wait for the Diana movie to come out! #datenight” she wrote on June 12. Uh. Unless this date involves some major role play, perhaps with Fraz blowing her hair out into a signature Di-coif to match her already chic style, we're surprised. We’ve never seen her in a suit, but we bet she could pull off anything, considering Ash is already on a path to being a style icon in her own right.

Brad and AshLee have been dating for a few months now, and with their cute dates getting comfier recently, we’re thinking that they may be headed down the aisle sooner than later. What do you think?

Source: Twitter