AshLee Frazier Waiting to Fall in Love Until WHAT Happens?
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AshLee Frazier Waiting to Fall in Love Until WHAT Happens?

The capital L in AshLee Frazier stands for “Love” (in our minds, anyway) though the Bachelor Season 17 alum is not currently in love with any guy in particular. She’s relatively fresh out of relationships with two Bachelors — first with Sean Lowe and then with two-time Bachelor Brad Womack. But she made it very clear in a new interview with Cupid’s Pulse that she’s totally on the market and just friends with all the guys in Bachelor Nation.

However, she did talk about what it’s been like to date in the real world after The Bachelor. "It's been interesting, I kind of wonder where people's angles are at,” AshLee said in a video. But I haven't done too much dating." She's been working on her company, which has been going through re-branding and that’s taken up a lot of her time, she explains. “I want to be well-rounded before I find someone and fall in love." And she’s said before that she wants to follow in the business (if not love) footsteps of her “mentor” Bethenny Frankel.

AshLee hasn’t kept in touch with Sean since their awkward Women Tell All attack talk, but she is still close with his fiancee, Catherine Giudici. “Catherine is the pick for him,” Ash said. “He’s a great guy but I’m a very strong person and it takes an extremely strong man to deal with me, so to say.” At least she admits it! She needs someone who can give it right back and intellectually challenge her. That’s probably not Sean. Or Brad. Or most Bachelor Nation guys, if we’re honest.

Attention, boys: Whenever Ash does get back in the mix, that’s what she wants. She wants the full package of “being head-over-heels in love and kind of just knowing from the beginning,” while also being intellectually stimulated. Heart and head. It’s a good formula for anyone. But all of that would probably go out the window if she ever met the Brad she really wants to date.

Source: Cupid’s Pulse