AshLee Frazier and Zak Waddell Get Close, Make Plans For More
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AshLee Frazier and Zak Waddell Get Close, Make Plans For More

See, kids? Sometimes tweet wishes do come true!

On July 22, AshLee Frazier — who was dumped by Bachelor Sean Lowe and is reportedly no longer dating Bachelor Brad Womacktweeted to Zak Waddell after his performance on The Bachelorette Season 9’s Men Tell All Special. "I'm into being in country music videos Call me Zak.”

And now look! On August 26, Zak shared this photo on Instagram, writing, “Great times in Houston making new friends. Coming back for your birthday @ashleefrazier.”

New couple in the making? They look good together! And she does seem to like Texas boys, from Sean to Brad to (maybe) Zak, aka Desiree Hartsock's favorite penguin-suit wearing fluid driller. Zak was apparently at Starbucks (location tags are weird) went he sent this out, and that has been known to be a hotspot for Bachelor Nation connections. Maybe it’s fate.

The photo in question was taken out the night before, and Capital L even posted it to her public Facebook profile, with the caption “Great night out with Zak. Such a great guy. #3and4 #thebachelor.” The numbers, of course, referring to when they were eliminated on their respective seasons. Which was, at the time, not “great” for either.

Zak tweeted a link to the photo and AshLee retweeted, so they’re not exactly shying away from the inevitable “Are you together?” or “You two would be so [cute/wrong/perfect] together!” comments. One fan even tweeted his life suggestion to Zak: "wife that girl."

What do you think? Ash and Zak are both emotional Texans with a love for family and country music, and obviously they’re looking for true love or they’d never have signed up for a TV dating show, right? She seems a tad more high-strung than him, but maybe they’d balance each other out. AshLee is also a professional organizer, so she’s probably several steps ahead on this already. She may have already mapped out Zak’s next music video — plus all their wedding details and the names of their future grandchildren.

Then again, all bets are off if she’s still dating Brad Womack — or if her other big Brad crush calls.

Source: Instagram / Facebook