Ashlee Holmes Goes Totally Glam, Looks Amazing (PHOTO)
Credit: Ashlee on Instagram    

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Ashlee Holmes Goes Totally Glam, Looks Amazing (PHOTO)

Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Ashlee Holmes is now working as a makeup artist with Lauren Manzo, a fellow RHoNJ daughter.

But even though she’s a pro, Ashlee isn’t opposed to having her makeup done by others — then showing off the amazing results. She posted the photo shown last week, captioning it with the credits: “Makeup: @georgemiguelc | Hair: @jaclynbrinster.”

Stunner! She literally looks like a living doll.

It’s now her job to help other people look and feel good — starting with herself as an example — but Ash later shared less glam, more heartfelt and sweet photos with the most important fellas in her life.

Check out this cute cake photo celebrating Nick’s fifth b-day. “Happy birthday to my sweet little brother, Nicholas!! So proud of him and the progress he's made/ continues to make. Such a smarty pants.” Ashlee also shared this sweet pic with her other younger bro, Christopher Laurita, Jr.: "The only man in my life that's ever shown me consistency ha --I lubb him. #CJ."

Over the weekend, she shared a photo with her father, Matt Holmes. "Happy Father's Day to the reason why I'm 5'9". Thank you so much for not only supporting my decision to become a makeup artist --but for helping me accomplish that goal. Have a great day big guy. Love you."

Last but not least, she also shared a photo with her mom Jacqueline Laurita's husband, Chris Laurita: "Happy Father's Day to a man who raised me as his own. --Even though we annoy each other plenty ... He's a man who definitely deserves the title ‘Dad’. Love you @chrislaurita."

Aww! Ashlee can be a firecracker sometimes, but she can also be a sweetheart. It’s great to see her finding her place in the world — while still sometimes being the smartarse we know, love, and shake our heads at.

Source: Ashlee on Instagram