Ashlee Holmes Shares In-Depth Look at Her Hair Transformation
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Ashlee Holmes Shares In-Depth Look at Her Hair Transformation

Jacqueline Laurita's daughter, Ashlee Holmes, recently underwent a major physical transformation when she traded in her dark shiny locks for fresh blonde waves. Now the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has taken to her personal blog site to reveal the artist behind her makeover, as well as a string of pictures documenting the lengthy process.

Her Beverly Hills hairdresser, Johnny Ramirez, is no stranger to celeb styling. The accomplished hair guru's clientele includes Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and Hollywood A-lister Kirsten Dunst. Ashlee was definitely impressed with his reputation, but she was ultimately won over by Johnny's devotion to making his customer happy.

"Watching Johnny work is like watching a true artist. He really knows what he's doing and he cares about your hair as much as you do. He puts a lot of time and energy into each client's hair. I really respect him for taking so much time to make sure you're just as happy with the results as he is. He actually listens to what you want," she gushed on her site.

Ashlee goes on to share the pictures from her dying session, as she sits in the chair with tin foil covering her head and then sports an interesting blond dready look as the new 'do comes together. Some of the images are rather alarming, but the end result is definitely worth the long and involved process. Ashlee looks great as a blonde!

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Source: Ashlee Holmes Buzznet

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