Bachelor in Paradise: AshLee Tries to Sabotage Clare and Zack’s Relationship! (VIDEO)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: AshLee Tries to Sabotage Clare and Zack’s Relationship! (VIDEO)

Clare Crawley must have been AshLee Frazier’s evil step sister in a past life, because that’s the only thing that would justify how much shade capital L is throwing at her on Bachelor in Paradise. Ash went bats—t on Clare within 24 hours of setting foot in Tulum because Clare tried to borrow AshLee’s property — Graham Bunn. But even now that C-squared has backed off, Ash still has her evil eye aiming lasers at Clare’s tan lines.

In the latest sneak peek for Episode 4, AshLee tries to drive a wedge between Clare and her cuddle buddy Zack Kalter by rehashing Clare’s behavior during her stint on Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor. Allegedly, during Episode 5 of El Bachelor’s reign, Clare and JPG sent several ocean critters to therapy by getting busy in the South China Sea. Ash is mad Clare isn’t wearing a scarlet letter to warn all future makeout buddies about her egregious behavior with Juan Pabs, and in Episode 4 of BiP she warns Zack about what he’s wandering into.

AshLee gets cozy in a hammock with Zack and oh-so-innocently asks him if he thinks it’s wise to be coupling up with the Sacramento cutie. “If you’re not, like, totally sold on her and committed to her I would advise that you meet other people,” Ash tells the hunk. “I love Clare, but, cuckoo, you know. She f—ked a guy in the ocean. Are you kidding me?”

Cuckoo, Ash? Really? We’d say pot calling kettle black, but that would be insinuating Clare is operating in the same cray cray category as Ash and that just doesn’t seem fair to Clare. Watch the clip below then tell us in the comments what you think of AshLee’s convo with Zack.

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