Ashley Benson Cuddles Up to Julian Morris — And Now We Miss Wren Even More (PHOTO)
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Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson Cuddles Up to Julian Morris — And Now We Miss Wren Even More (PHOTO)

We need ourselves a Wren fix! Yeah, we know he’s super shady and is probably up to no good, but who isn’t on Pretty Little Liars? Besides, we absolutely adore the man behind the role, Julian Morris, and Ashley Benson’s recent snapshot with the handsome fellow just made us miss him more.

“So great seeing this one @julianmorris,” Ash captioned a photo she posted of herself and Julia yesterday. Yeah, share the love, Ash. We haven’t seen Wren since Season 4, Episode 10 (“The Mirror Has Three Faces”), perhaps better known as the one in which the good doctor stalks the Liars and Emily finds a creepy crawl space in Mrs. DiLaurentis’ house. The episode left us with a lot of questions surrounding Wren. In the episode, Mona implied that Wren is loyal to someone she doesn’t approve of. We also see him coloring in a picture of a girl in a Red Coat. Could Wren have known Alison was alive, and perhaps was even helping her? Do his loyalties lie with Ali or do they lie with someone else?

Wren also worked to get Veronica Hastings thrown off of the Ashley Marin case, which implies that whoever Wren is in cahoots with, he or she seemed to want Ashley convicted of Wilden’s murder. Might his accomplice be Melissa Hastings, with whom he was once engaged and who has an excellent incentive for getting her own mother off of a case for which she might have committed the crime? See! So many questions for Wren Kingston. We hope he rolls back into Rosewood sometime soon.

Do you miss Wren as much as we do? Who do you think he’s working with? Sound off in the comments below!

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