Ashley Benson in Fifty Shades of Grey: Will Pretty Little Liars Star Play Ana Steele? — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson in Fifty Shades of Grey: Will Pretty Little Liars Star Play Ana Steele? — Exclusive

As much as we’d love for our Pretty Little Liars to stick around Rosewood forever, we know that eventually, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily are going to leave the town that’s given them so much grief over the last four seasons. And while we’re still not OK with the idea of “A” terrorizing a new group of girls, we also can’t wait to see what our Little Liars do next.

Ashley Benson shocked audiences this spring with her gritty flick, Spring Breakers. So when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Ashley at the Summer Slurpee Days event in Los Angeles, we had to ask about what she was doing next. Could the rumors about her interest in the big screen adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey be true? Is Ashley ready to play Anastasia Steele?

Read our interview with Ashley below to find out what she had to say about her future big screen aspirations.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How would you describe Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars?

Ashley Benson: Scary, fun, exciting, throws you off a bit.

You went off and did movies as well. Is it nice to come back?

Yes, definitely. It's always nice to come back. I mean, I love doing movies. Right when we wrap, hopefully, I start working on a couple movies, so it's nice. But they're like my family, so it's always nice to go back to them.

What do you want to do next?

A great movie with a really cool Indie director. I love edgy films. I would love to do a comedy, but I'm just really into like an edgy mood. So I would love to do something like that.

Like in the vein of Spring Breakers?

No. Different. I mean, I guess just a darker character. I have a few things that I'm deciding between. I'm on hiatus right now, and they're all kind of very edgy and raw, organic. It's really cool.

And Fifty Shades of Grey, anything happening there?

Oh, man. I've been linked to that movie so many times. It's so funny. I don't know. It depends. It might be a bit of a stretch. I don't know if I could do all that.

But you enjoyed the literature?

I loved the book. I mean amazing, great. I read all three books in a week, but the movie, I mean reading it and doing it is completely different.

What do you make of being linked to something like that because I don't think anybody's signed on for that.

No. They don't even have a director.

Is the talk flattering?

Yeah. It's great. I mean, I'm like, what? Wait, what? And everybody's asking me, like oh my God. Congrats. I'm like, no. Not even, nope. Just nope.

Get some practice in.

Yeah, maybe get some handcuffs.

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