Ashley Benson Kisses “Bestie” Tyler Blackburn: “Sad He’s Leaving Me” (PHOTO)
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Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson Kisses “Bestie” Tyler Blackburn: “Sad He’s Leaving Me” (PHOTO)

Haleb fans, today is your lucky day! We knew Pretty Little Liars co-stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn were friends, but we had no idea they were this close!

Friday night, "besties" Ashley and Tyler spent a wild night out in Los Angeles. Let's just say the night started with Tyler giving Ashley his clothes to wear — "Wore a slip tonight. It's freezing. Now I'm in all of @longhaired_child clothes," she posted on Instagram." — and ended with a smooch! That's right Haleb, fans: Ashley and Tyler shared a friendly kiss at the end of the night.

"A French friendship," wrote Tyler when he posted the photo. Ashley re-posted the adorable pic on her own Instagram, adding: "Besties. Sad he's leaving me :(." Aw. We'd be sad, too, if our on-set BFF was leaving for another show. Then again, not only is it an amazing opportunity for Tyler, but Ravenswood is supposedly right next door to Rosewood. Hello crossovers! Not to mention, Ashley recently told Wetpaint that Hanna will make a trip to Ravenswood in Season 4.

While the details on Hanna's trip are vague at best, Ash did say, "I haven't read the script yet. I just know that I'm going sooner rather than later." At least there's something to look forward to, Halab fans! That, and the fact Tyler and Ash are still BFFs in real life.

And before you jump to any romantic conclusions, no, Ashley and Tyler are not dating. The pretty little starlet recently revealed that she's single — despite being linked to all of her male BFFs. "Every time I’m hanging out with Tyler [Blackburn], Keegan [Allen], my friend Izak, my friends who are girls, I’m dating all of them," she vented to HuffPost Celebrity. "It’s very strange. I have a new boyfriend, a new girlfriend every week. But I’m single and I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Ash and Tyler may be just friends, but judging from this smooch, it looks like these two are very, very close.

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