Ashley Hebert Picks Her Top 3 of Andi Dorfman’s Guys! Who Does She Like?
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The Bachelorette

Ashley Hebert Picks Her Top 3 of Andi Dorfman’s Guys! Who Does She Like?

We’re giddy in our boots over all the man candy we and Andi Dorfman get to drool over in this season’s Bachelorette. We know who caught our eye on Monday night’s premiere — all of them — but who did Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert favor?

Ash tweeted during the show that she took a liking to three of Andi’s gents by writing, “Eric, Tasos, and Marcus are my favs. Until next week! Xox.” Good choices, girl. But we already knew the dentist had great taste in men, since she picked hottie J.P. to make beautiful babies with.

Let’s take a look at Ash’s choices. Tasos Hernandez is a 30-year-old hotness machine from Denver who works as the director of member services at photography space The Studio. In his free time, Sir Handsome DJs and teaches Spanish to middle schoolers. Well rounded, much? Andi could do worse.

Marcus Grodd was the first guy to hop out of the limo and into Andi’s life, and she immediately (and repeatedly) mentioned how hot she thinks he is. The Canadian-born child of a German dad and Polish mom made a big impression on Andi with his good looks and his good looks and his good looks. He works at American Cryotherapy, a joint that freezes people’s skin as a form of workout recovery. Hmmmm. Did we mention his good looks? Cuz that can make up for any weird job.

Ashley’s third choice for Andi, Eric Hill, broke our hearts a bit as he’s the contestant who tragically passed away in late April during a paragliding accident. The handsome heartthrob certainly impressed us with his introduction out of the limo when he gave Andi dolls that he picked up in the Andes, given to him by a little girl who said they were for his girlfriend. And Chris Harrison recently referred to Eric as a “bright light” in the world. While we know he didn’t make it too far in the season, he seems to have made a lasting impression on everyone who met him, and obviously a great first impression on Ash.

The soon-to-be mom did couch her choices with “until next week!” so we’ll be curious to see how Ash feels about the guys after Episode 2.

What do you think of Ashley’s choices, and who were your favorites? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Ashley on Twitter