Ashley Hebert Stalks Brad and Other Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 4
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The Bachelor

Ashley Hebert Stalks Brad and Other Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 4

The Bachelor is full of sensationally uncomfortable (yet hilarious) moments. We present to you our top picks for most painful moments from Season 15, Episode 4. Let the good times roll... right into Awkwards-ville:

5. The not-so romantic picnic with Emily
Everyone loves Emily, and Brad likes her too, but the mini date in front of the bachelorette mansion is just a big ol' producer-driven fail. First of all, it leaves the other ladies reeling. Second, Emily seems as surprised as the others — and not in a totally thrilled way. Neither Brad nor Emily looks completely at ease during the little date. Emily seems like she's just being her usual sweet, polite but slightly detached self — like she's on a job interview — and Brad looks visibly uncomfortable, playing with his shirt cuffs and not making a lot of eye contact. The chemistry just isn't there. And, frankly, she's too good for him.

4. No more therapy, for heaven's sake!
Honestly, we've stopped listening to the "open up more" discussions between Brad and his therapists. The talks are the same, not to mention dull, and they grind the show to a halt every damn time. And instead of fixing things, they lead to more tears and anger. Aren't they supposed to stir up less drama, not more?

3. Michelle dukes it out with Chantal over rights to the "Diva" championship belt
Michelle is ticked when it's "her day" with Brad, but when he comes into the bachelorette mansion to pick her up, he immediately steals drama princess Ashley Hebert away for a what-the-heck-happened-last-night discussion. Michelle is left to stew about whatever it is that Ashley had done the night before. Ashley's "It's all about ME" drama reminded us of Michelle's 30th birthday pity party, and kudos to Chantal for calling Michelle out on it. Chantal brings up how Ms. Money missed her scene during the Red Cross PSA because she was busy walking out in protest. Michelle and Chantal go back and forth in front of the other ladies, then decide to "agree to disagree." When Brad comes back into the room, he's greeted with crickets. The tension could choke a horse.

2. Nothing says romance like tears and vomit
Michelle has spent the past two weeks whining about wanting a one-on-one date with Brad — she even threatened him with a black eye if she didn't get it. So it's frustrating to see her completely ruin the date by pitching a fit. Brad and Michelle have the same rappelling date we've seen on The Bachelor before, but for some reason Michelle is shocked and cries and threatens to throw up. (Has she ever seen this show?) Brad has to try to calm her down; it's like torture instead of romance. Not fun for them to do and not fun for us to watch.
Ashley Hebert Stalks Brad and Other Awkward Moments From The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 4
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    
1. Ashley gets hot tub detention
Brad and Britt are about to end their one-on-one time on the group date, when Ashley H. creeps up — stalker-style — to play some Elizabeth Kitt-worthy mind games with Brad.

Girls come home and talk about their dates — it sucks.
Brad: But it can be fun and exciting, right?
Ashley: For you, yeah, absolutely.
Brad: Why would you say that?
Ashley: It's the truth.
Brad: OK. Now I get frustrated a little bit.
Ashley: This is what I signed up for. I deserve everything that I'm getting.

But she doesn't know what she's getting. She's not sure what she wants. She's not sure if the problem is him or what. She's defensive. She's passive-aggressive. She's exhausting. Brad doesn't know what's wrong with her, but when he tries to hand out the group date rose by the hot tub, Ashley interrupts him with a groan that it's all so awkward. Brad pauses and asks her to say what she wants to say. Silence. The rest of the class sits there waiting for Ashley to get over her tantrum. Brad has to take Britt aside to give her the rose because Ashley is making too much of a scene. It must've been super fun in that hot tub with Ashley after Brad and Britt walked away. Awkward!

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