Ashley and JP’s Wedding Flashback: Can SeanCat’s Big Day Measure Up? (VIDEO)
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Ashley Hebert

Ashley and JP’s Wedding Flashback: Can SeanCat’s Big Day Measure Up? (VIDEO)

The big day is almost here! Bachelor lovebirds Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici will tie the knot in a special televised ceremony airing January 26 on ABC. Catherine’s tweeted that she already has “butterflies” just thinking about the big day, and we’re betting that one Mrs. Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum knows exactly how she’s feeling!

Just over a year ago, Ashley tied the knot with her Bachelorette fiance J.P. Rosenbaum, in a similar TV ceremony. Filmed on December 1, 2013, Ashley and J.P.’s Wedding aired just a few weeks later, on December 17.

There will be a few difference between the two ceremonies: Team Cupcake’s nuptials were taped beforehand, while we’ll be watching SeanCat’s go down live. But still, the spirit of romance — and the triumph of true love — will be present in both. (Also, a bunch of familiar contestants from seasons past show up in both, and we’re pretty excited about that.)

As you prepare your heart for the beauty of Sean and Catherine’s big day, take a look back at the tender, romantic moment’s that made up Team Cupcake’s own love story.

As you may have noticed, the audience is like a “Who’s Who” of Bachelor nation vets. Roberto Martinez can be seen chatting with Craig Robinson, while nearby, an ever-glamourous Emily Maynard hangs solo, and we can’t help but notice she looks a little sad. Don’t be sad, Em! we wish we could tell her, You’ll get your happy ending soon enough.

Elsewhere, Jason Mesnick sits with his arm around wife Molly. Then there’s Trista and Ryan, seated close to Ali Fedotowsky. (And nowhere near Roberto, mind you.) Sean Lowe is there, too... but he attended solo as well, since his Bachelor season hadn’t started airing yet, and Catherine was still a secret!

Even Boo the puppy can be spotted,all dressed up for mommy and daddy’s big day in a pink barrette, and carried by Ash’s sister.

Ashley appears over the horizon a vision in white, simply stunning in her gorgeous dress. As soon as J.P. catches sight of his bride, his entire face lights up.

Watch the full wedding ceremony above... and try not to tear up, if you can. Oh, the memories: Ashley’s gorgeous gown, J.P.’s charming grin, Little Boo in the audience... One thing’s for sure The Bachelor knows how to put on one heck of a wedding!