Ashley Salazar Comes Clean: Justin Was in Jail When Callie Was Born!
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Ashley Salazar Comes Clean: Justin Was in Jail When Callie Was Born!

Time to take a trip down memory lane to Ashley Salazar's dramatic episode of 16 and Pregnant. This small town girl got knocked up when she lost her virginity, and she and her baby daddy, Justin Lane, made the difficult decision to place their daughter up for adoption. Ashley and Justin's baby girl, Callie, was born on December 16, 2009, and was adopted by Ashley's aunt and uncle shortly after making her debut into the world.

Ashley's labor went pretty smoothly (you know, considering that she was pushing a watermelon-sized human out of her body), but fans were shocked when Justin didn't show up for the birth of his daughter. Many people assumed that Justin got cold feet or flaked out, but that couldn't be farther from the truth!

Ashley has taken it to the Internet four years later to come clean about where Justin was on the day of Callie's birth, and it turns out he was busy being arrested. As ya do.

"So, in my episode, Justin didn't make Callie's birth," Ashley revealed on Sulia. "I said that he had 'other plans,' but the truth is that I begged MTV not to tell anybody where he actually was. He gets upset that I just told the world that he just didn't show up for no reason. Justin actually got arrested the day before Callie was born, therefore causing him to miss her birth and everything for the first couple of years."

Justin met Callie for the first time back in June 2012, which makes sense given the fact that he was in jail. The good news? Justin and Ashley are doing better than ever! "It really hurt him and he is doing great now though," Ashley continued. "He is about to get his record totally cleaned since it has been seven years since his charge. :)"

Are you surprised that Ashley kept such a huge secret from fans? Hit the comments and tell us what you think of her big reveal!

Source: Sulia

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