Ashley Salazar Blogs About Her Second Pregnancy: “This Wasn’t an Accident”
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16 and Pregnant

Ashley Salazar Blogs About Her Second Pregnancy: “This Wasn’t an Accident”

Have you heard the amazing news? The Stork has once again visited the home of 16 and Pregnant's Ashley Salazar and blessed her with a bundle of joy! Ashley and her baby daddy, Justin Lane, are expecting their newest baby sometime later this year, and they couldn't be happier. In fact, Ashley is so pumped that she re-booted her website, and plans on turning it into a pregnancy blog!

Ashley is still in her first trimester, and says her baby is doing well. She also tells fans that her pregnancy was planned — despite the fact that she and Justin aren't married. "This wasn’t an 'accident' this time," Ashley writes. "We are 22 and 23, both doing extremely well for ourselves and sure, we aren’t married, but have we ever done things traditionally?"

Ashley says that she and Justin plan on tying the knot after the baby is born, and that Justin is "putting money aside every day and saving up for a ring." Meanwhile, they still don't know how their first daughter, Callie (who was adopted by Ashley's aunt and uncle), will feel about the pregnancy. "It’s hard and we don’t know what Callie will think, but we will make it work and I pray she will understand when she is older and when that time comes," Ashley says.

It sounds like Ashley and Justin are more than ready for this baby — especially considering that Ash will be graduating college in just a few weeks!

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