Ashley Tisdale Talks Fifty Shades of Grey Casting and Reality TV Potential — Exclusive
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Ashley Tisdale Talks Fifty Shades of Grey Casting and Reality TV Potential — Exclusive

Ashley Tisdale is not a one-trick pony. After graduating from High School Musical, she has launched a solo music career and a TV and film production company, Blondie Girl Productions, all while still acting and maintaining a relationship with fiance Christopher French.

Though she is mostly focusing on the production side of her career, she tells Wetpaint Entertainment that she’s always on the hunt for the perfect role. When we threw two potential ideas at her — Fifty Shades of Grey, in an alternate universe where Dakota Johnson isn’t playing Ana Steele, and a follow-up reality show to her E! special Inner Circle with Vanessa Hudgens — she had two vastly different answers.

Read on to see what Ashley dished at the Benefit Cosmetics “They’re REAL-volutionary” Awards on September 4, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Now that you have a taste of reality TV thanks to Inner Circle, would you ever consider doing your own show?

Ashley Tisdale: After Inner Circle, I realized it was so much fun, but I’m not cut out for reality television. I’m just not someone… I love being characters on-screen, but even just that day was really tough! It was fun because I think Inner Circle was such a great experience and you really got to know us — that’s us every day — but I don’t think I’m that entertaining as myself!

I love producing reality television and I love being on the other side of it, but I feel like with reality TV, you need strong personalities that are just off the wall and crazy, and are able to just be completely themselves. As actresses, we’re aware that the cameras are there. We’re obviously in a scene and we know. But it’s weird being yourself in front of the camera. Too weird for me!

Switching gears, your name and Vanessa’s were both thrown around for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Oh, really? I didn’t know that! I was?! [Laughs]

Yeah! Vanessa came off of Spring Breakers, but you haven’t done any raunchy or provocative roles. Is that something you would have considered? Did you hear who was cast?

Yeah! Charlie Hunnam is like my big crush, so I’m super excited about the cast right now. I’m super excited to see the movie!

Ashley Tisdale Talks Fifty Shades of Grey Casting and Reality TV Potential — Exclusive
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Have you read the books?

I haven’t, but I know about the books. We spoofed it in Scary Movie 5, so I know all about it. But I don’t know if it would be something for me. Obviously, I never even heard that I was up for it, so I didn’t consider it or anything. But I definitely tend to be more toward comedy. It’s something I love to do; I love making people laugh. I love doing drama, too, and I think there’s a mixture of both that I will eventually do, and I always want to challenge myself as an actress, so there will be some things that will be different for people to see me in. But I mean, Charlie Hunnam’s like…

You against Charlie Hunnam? Dream come true.

Like, wha...what?! [Laughs] I mean, it’s going to be interesting. I can’t wait to see it.

Do you have a dream comedic role, guest-starring maybe, on TV?

Man, what would I love to guest-star on? Comedy-wise, I don’t know. Drama was Sons of Anarchy, and I did do that. It was very different for me and I loved it. I would love to do something likeBreaking Bad, but obviously they filmed that so I can’t do it.

The reboot…

Maybe the spin-off or something! I mean, I don’t know. I’ve done the show I always dreamt about doing, so that was amazing. For me, my dream role, I just like to read scripts and wait to think, “Oh my god. That’s the role I want to play.” I haven’t found that yet, but I’m getting close! It’s really cool that I get to produce now. I get to produce stuff that I’m not in, and also produce things that I could see myself starring in. There are definitely a lot of things out there that I’ve thought about just producing myself and maybe doing.

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