Jennifer Lawrence Ate Doritos in Her American Hustle Costume — And Almost Ruined It
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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Ate Doritos in Her American Hustle Costume — And Almost Ruined It

Oh, J.Law.

While most celebrities are worried about slimming down for a role — especially when it requires revealing, tight-fitting dresses like the ones Jennifer Lawrence had to wear in American Hustle — Jen’s only concern is what kind of snacks will be served on set… and she’s not too proud to chow down while still wearing her costume.

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson recently shared some behind-the-scenes tidbits on the white gown Jen wore in the movie at an event honoring Diane Von Furstenberg’s “Journey of A Dress” exhibit in LA… including the fact that he’s glad they made more than one of the iconic dress.

“Jennifer Lawrence is a very, let’s say raw and intuitive lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume,” Michael revealed, according to Vanity Fair. “So we were glad that we had a couple [backups].”

Not that they made the dress worrying that Jennifer would mess it up, of course — she spills wine on herself in the scene, making it necessary to have several copies of the dress to make filming more than one take possible.

Another interesting fact about the dress? It was purposefully designed to look like Jen’s character could have designed and made it herself, using fabric that cost $3.99 per yard. Smooth move, because it totally lended itself to the authenticity of the character.

“[Director] David really had it set in his mind that she would be wearing this dress that she just poured herself into,” Michael said. “He wanted to see every single lump and bump. There had to be a sense of, ‘Is she going to fall out of it?’ It had this dangerous feeling to it, which matched her own dangerous landscape.”

“With Rosalyn, there was a real dichotomy, almost a schizophrenia,” Michael added. “We liked that she didn’t give a damn how she looked [at home] … wearing printed muumuus and shapeless things. Then, when she goes out to town, she switches modes and and tries to get attention and make her husband jealous.”

And it works, because for the entirety of the movie, we’re completely convinced that Jen’s character has lost her marbles. Pass the Doritos, please!

Source: Vanity Fair

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