Aubrey Plaza Revives MTV’s Daria in New Live-Action Trailer (VIDEO)
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Aubrey Plaza Revives MTV’s Daria in New Live-Action Trailer (VIDEO)

If there's ever been a show that captured the comically exquisite misery of high school, it was MTV's Daria.

The animated show, which ran for five seasons from 1997-2002, provided such relatable hilarity that fans have begged for its return.

Luckily, that wish has (kind of) come true.

Everyone's favorite oddball, Aubrey Plaza, whose Parks and Recreation character April Ludgate is essentially Daria 2.0, has heeded the calling and donned Daria's trademark green jacket and combat boots for CollegeHumor's live-action Daria: The Movie trailer. While no full-length movie is currently in the works, we're hoping this provides inspiration for a studio exec somewhere — or at least convinces MTV to play a marathon of the show sometime soon.

Returning to Lawndale for a reunion, Daria is reunited with her old friends and enemies: Jane, with her angular hair and cynicism, Trent, and his aspirations to finally change Mystic Spiral's name, and, of course, Quinn, with her high-pitched fashion squeaks.

Aubrey perfectly captures Daria's dead-pan delivery, explaining of her years at Lawndale High, "High school was like the Civil War: it lasted four years, you were defined by what you wore, and I lost one in ten of my friends to gangrene."

"That last part isn't true," she admits. "But a girl can dream."

Would you watch a live-action Daria movie?

Source: CollegeHumor

07.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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