Audriana Giudice Is Growing Up — See How Big She’s Gotten (PHOTO)

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Audriana Giudice Is Growing Up — See How Big She’s Gotten (PHOTO)

It seems like just yesterday that The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice welcomed Audriana — but it was actually back on September 14, 2009.

Audriana is the baby of the four girls, but she's almost 5 now. Teresa has been sharing tons of photos of her clan lately — including a beautiful new family photo — and she posted this one on June 9, with the caption "Audriana on her field trip."

Audriana Giudice Is Growing Up — See How Big She’s Gotten (PHOTO)
Credit: Teresa on Instagram    

Love the flower! She's a stylish little lady, and maybe in that she takes after her godmother, Dina Manzo.

As Teresa explained in her Bravo blog, back in 2010, "In the part of Italy where our family is from – Sala Consilina in Salerno – you pick a godmother who you would want your daughter to grow up and be like. So if you pick someone cheap, they say your child will be cheap. Dina decorates so well, maybe Audriana will pick that up from her! Just kidding. Seriously, Dina is a beautiful person inside and out. She’s so classy and beautiful, she’s a great mom, she’s got a great heart, she’s religious and cares so much for children. I would be honored if Audriana was like her in any way."

Teresa also explained how she picked Audriana's name. "She doesn’t have a middle name,” T wrote. “None of my daughters do. Neither do Joe or I. I made up the name Audriana (I’m sure I’ll hear from a bunch of Audrianas now! Hi! Love love love your name!) I never heard anyone with the name and I liked Adriana, but I wanted it to have the Italian sounding 'u' in it, so I just added a 'u.' I like pretty and unusual girls names that end in an 'a' of course! Audriana is the light of our lives. She just brought so much extra love into our family. The girls just love on her all day long."

Fast-forward almost five years and hopefully the girls still love her (and each other) just as much, although all siblings have their squabbles. We’ll see how much the kids have grown in RHoNJ Season 6, which premieres next month!

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Sources: Teresa on Instagram, Bravo