Australia’s New Bachelor Is Mixed Race — Why Can’t America Follow Suit?
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The Bachelor

Australia’s New Bachelor Is Mixed Race — Why Can’t America Follow Suit?

The land down under imported our favorite reality dating series, The Bachelor, just two seasons ago, but they’re already leaps and bounds ahead of ABC in terms of one not-so-minor detail: Their Season 2 lead is of mixed race — half black, half white.

Juan Pablo Galavis was the first non-Caucasian lead in the American franchise’s 18 season history, and though fans have pushed for Marquel Martin to be the next Bachelor, it seems pretty clear that producers are intent on going back to the tried and true, with either Chris Soules or Arie Luyendyk, Jr. as Season 19’s lead.

How else does the Australian version of our favorite love quest differ from the Monday night show we’ve come to know and binge watch? Well, first off, no Chris Harrison. Boo. According to EW, one other major difference is the presence of a white rose during the premiere episode, which is similar to the US version’s First Impression Rose, but carries a lot more weight: The recipient of the white rose is safe for two weeks! In other words, whoever nabs that flower has a target on her back the size of the Australian Outback.

Smaller differences include an iPad with contestant photos on it instead of a table of portraits, no limo arrivals (they walk down a path instead), and during the Rose Ceremonies, girls with roses stand on the opposite side of the room from girls who have yet to receive — or won’t receive — a flower. Insult meet injury.

Other than that, the drama, the kissing, the possessiveness, and even the tiara-wearing all appear similar to the U.S. version. Contestants may be called Sheila’s down under, but the cat fighting is the same!

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Source: EW