RHoNY’s Heather Thomson: “Aviva Drescher Disappoints Me This Year” — Exclusive
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Heather Thomson

RHoNY’s Heather Thomson: “Aviva Drescher Disappoints Me This Year” — Exclusive

If you wrote Heather Thomson off as a pushover on Real Housewives of New York’s fifth season, you won’t be thinking that by the end of Season 6. This year, the Housewife has found her voice and she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in — even if it puts her at odds with the other women (coughAviva Dreschercough).

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Heather recently, and she had a lot to say about her second time on the Bravo merry-go-round. Read on for the RHoNY star’s take on how former friend Aviva “made her sad” this season and all about that infamous Sonja Morgan toaster oven.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You had a pretty crazy first season. Was it easier jumping back in this time around?

Heather Thomson: Nothing is ever easy when it comes to being a Housewife. We all work really hard, and then there’s the emotional side of it. I get very invested in my relationships in real life, and that doesn’t change on the show.

How would you say things changed for you from Season 5 to Season 6?

I think last season it took viewers a little while to get to know me. My dad died at the beginning of last season, and they were getting to know my family and [son] Jax’s struggles. I was a little yellow-bellied last season, but now I have my Housewife legs. I feel more sure-footed — not only just with being on the show, but even my relationships with the women.

We could see that you and Carole Radziwill bonded pretty immediately in Season 5. Did you stay in touch during the hiatus?

Oh yes. She’s like my sister, we talk everyday. LuAnn [de Lesseps], too. We’re dear friends and bonded immediately on the show. I also bonded with Aviva last year. When you join something like this as three new chicks, I feel like there’s an instant camaraderie. Aviva disappoints me this year and I’m sad about it. But it is what it is.

We’ve heard a bit about your fallout with Aviva this season. Can you tell us about that?

Carole and I are not ganging up on Aviva — this is not like the three new girls and two broke off. It’s actually Carole and Aviva who have an issue, and I’m standing up for what I believe in. It just so happens to be that I disagree with Aviva. She’s a lot of fun until you do that…

You and Sonja Morgan had a situation over you helping her with her toaster oven last season. Did that scare you away from helping the other Housewives with their businesses?

I believe in helping people. Just because Sonja missed the mark on what I was trying to do for her, that doesn’t jade me from trying to help another person at all. You know, Sonja got it eventually. She thanked me and was grateful. There just is no toaster oven, so that was the problem really! It does have a great box, though.

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