RHoNY’s Aviva Drescher on Castmates’ “Disgusting” Reaction to Her Prosthetic Leg — Exclusive (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New York

RHoNY’s Aviva Drescher on Castmates’ “Disgusting” Reaction to Her Prosthetic Leg — Exclusive (VIDEO)

Is the drama over? Not just yet. It all went down on last night’s July 22 finale of the Real Housewives of New York, when Aviva Drescher decided to “dish it” to the girls — and no, we’re not referring to the food that was being served at the gathering. The reality star infamously threw her prosthetic leg during the Season 6 closer, causing quite a ruckus amongst the other cast members, as well as the TV audience across the nation.

During the episode, the Housewife hosted an exclusive viewing party at Tender in the swanky Sanctuary hotel in NYC. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Aviva there, and she gave us the scoop on those tense moments before the prosthetic hit the table, what we can expect at the reunion, and what marriage advice she has for Kristen Taekman and her hubby, Josh.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Did you feel like the women acted insensitively towards your prosthesis during the dinner party incident?

Aviva Drescher: You know, Kristen’s reaction of revulsion in seeing a prosthesis was disgusting, and was offensive to the community of amputees who I mentor everyday. I tell them that it’s really OK and it’s beautiful to be an amputee. I thought that was just disgusting, especially coming from a model. Carole and Heather share in her revulsion because they also fled the scene, so that was very disappointing to me. The only person who really had my back was Sonja.

How did you get your leg on the table so quickly?

What people don’t know is that it takes two seconds to get it on and off. There’s a button that locks me in and locks me out. You could drag me around this entire room by my leg and it would not come off. So people are like, ‘How did you get your leg off and on the table?’ Well, it was already loosened under the table because it’s more comfortable sometimes for the blood flow. It wasn’t a big deal.

What can we expect from the Season 6 reunion?

The reunion is epic. It’s really tumultuous, and there’s a lot of mudslinging. There’s three episodes, and whenever there are three episodes that means that it’s a really hot reunion. Hot, meaning dramatic.

Any advice for Kristen and her husband on their marital issues?

I think that they need to redefine their roles in their relationship. It seems like he really wants to be the working guy who brings home the money, and wants her to be like a stay-at-home mom who’s cooking and taking care of the kids. He feels very comfortable in that role. I was appalled by that weekend she went to Montana and she gave the kids to her parents, and he went to the Hamptons. I mean, that has never happened in 10 years with my husband, and that would never happen. They’ve got some issues to work out.

Do you think they’d be better off leaving the show?

You know what? Personally, I would never air out that kind of dirty laundry on camera. But she got lots of great advice from Heather [Thomson] and Carole [Radziwill]. I would have never let a friend of mine air out her marital problems on national television, with two kids who will watch that 10 years later. I mean, holy s—t. I would rather throw my leg across the table.

Real Housewives of New York Reunion, Pt. 1 airs July 29 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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